Smart Advertising New Product Launch Conference of "Hundred Days of Battle and Autumn Harvest"

In the 19th year, the second 100-day PK kick-off meeting was held in Kunshan, and we also saw the strength of the company's new product smart advertising products. The first is the summary of the Spring Thunder Action and the awards, followed by the Autumn Harvest Action Rules. The company reported its target morale, and finally the main event, Kunshan Tongjiewen, told us about the types, applications, and product expertise of smart advertising products.

Live atmosphere

Seating before the meeting

Meeting starts, the game warms up

The Spring Thunder Action 100-Year Convergence Record Awards The Sirius Legion Yan General Summary Review, "The Most Beautiful Team" Sirius Legion Wild Wolf Team Representatives Speak

Million heroes, the most beautiful army
Mystery reward (Best BOSS, Best Army Chief, Best Political Commissar Award)
Interpretation of the Rules of "A Hundred-Day Contest of Autumn Harvest"

Each legion reported to the target team

The final highlight is just a detailed explanation by Wen Zong about "smart advertising" products.

The largest LED display / commercial display / HD splicing screen / large size seamless LED screen / holographic advertising machine / smart shelf
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