"Dare to promise, take responsibility, fight hard, win challenges"

At the end of the 100-day reunion in March-May, the goal set at the beginning was not completed, and the promise made at that time was promised to ride 150km. Although a discount was made to ride the mountain 30km back and forth, the chief of the administrative department also gave us the organization. Have fun games; let's take a look at some interesting things.

7 am collection

We arrived at the end in an hour or so

Take a break and start a fun game after eating a snack.
The first game, “Puzzle, Eat, Drink,” is divided into 3 groups. From jigsaw to eating to drinking the designated drink, which team is the shortest.
After the puzzle is completed, you can enter the next “eat” link.

The last group was watching everyone when they were eating.

After the end of the "eat" session, it will enter the "drinking" link.

After all the teams are completed, reveal the mystery award. Team rewards the red envelope.
The second game, the "exchange name" game is very interesting, not only let new colleagues know the name of each business department colleague, but also let everyone integrate into the big group more quickly;
In the end, the two players were the fastest, and none of them had a runner-up.