"Spring Thunder Action * 100 Days Battle"

The Spring Thunder Action 100-day reunion company has a military group title, and has selected the head of the army and the political commissar (responsible for the daily battle report and the internal training arrangements of the group).

On the third day of the war, we greeted five single-player flash players with more than 300,000, and also won the awards they deserved.

After 5 o'clock on the 100th day of the war, the various regiments issued war reports in turn and were equipped with corresponding copywriting. The PK atmosphere was strong.
After a week, the various legions will make a summary report on the data of the previous week, and send weekly reports to the group, making the small partners feel very urgent, and work harder to take orders!
In the first month of the 100-day battle, we ushered in a single million hero, three million heroes in a single month, proud of them, cheering for them, all the fighters rushing to place orders in order to defend the collective honor.

On the last day of the first month, on March 31, the heads of the various legions, the political commissars, and the chief of staff of the chief of staff from the Shanghai Tongjie Company ran to Lushan, and held a meeting of the "Shushan Sword". The various corps encountered the current sales department. Summarize the problem and discuss the solution and the spring play of April

At the end of the first month, the results were very fruitful. In April, more attractive awards were made. The newcomer Wang, the biggest single king in the week, the single pen 500,000, the foreign trade letter insurance, the most praise, the most in the domestic trade inquiry; so united and friendly Big family, what are you waiting for, join now!